Application Features

GoFormulate™ was designed for formulators by formulators. We understand the unique issues involved in developing new products and understand that good tools make all the difference.

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Formulation Help

Need help developing your new product, but lack the staff or expertise to get it done? The team at GoFormulate can help by providing a variety of services.

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Formulation Resources

Check out our blog or follow us on Twitter for the latest polyurethane industry information, trends, formulating tips or sample formulas.

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The GoFormulate™ Formulation System is a pre-calculation / simulation design tool for use in formulating isocyanate reactive systems for the preparation of polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, and polyurea based products. It will allow you to balance the reactions while at the same time targeting certain processing ratio and properties. Our goal is to provide tools that save time and money by helping you to develop products quicker, reduce waste and disposal costs, reduce chemical exposure, accelerate employee technical development, and leverage archived data for future development.